Welcome to the New Conversation Café Website!

Welcome to the New Conversation Café Website!

Things might be looking a little different around here!  That’s because, as of June 23, 2015, the Conversation Café website has a new host and a new supporter — the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation!  The website update is being handled by NCDD, so if you have any questions please send them to hq@ncdd.org.


  1. Hello there!
    Great new fresh website! Well done!
    It would be good to make contact with someone at NCDD as i’ve been liasing with Susan Partnow and others about hosting Conversation Cafes resources on our soon to be launched website for The Four Corners of the Land (which was agreed).
    As a key role of this social enterprise we plan to promote, support and encourage groups and individuals to join the global conversation cafe movement here in the UK.
    It would be absolutely fantastic to engage in dialogue with NCDD about how we can best achieve this together with you.
    With best wishes

    Gemma Novis
    Founder & Director @ The Four Corners of the Land

  2. I will be starting a conversation cafe this upcoming October. I will be using a cafe area in my church here in Marshfield Wisconsin. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    The name of the cafe Is going to be the

    “Ragamuffin Conversation Over Coffee Cafe”

    I would love to speak with one of you if at all possible. Feel free to email me and I will send my phone number back to you.

    • Fortunately, there are many variations of Conversation cafes in Calgary. Career cafes, Laid-off Calgary, library groups and local Ted talks events. Some Meetups have face to face conversations. I still get requests for cafes, so the ones in past years are still having ripple effects.

  3. Going back to Yamagata, Japan for a couple weeks and will hold two conversation Cafes there at the Takahashi Espresso Cafe, same as i did at this time in May 2015. Please call Aquemi Takahashi at 080-4515-3288 for details and if you want to participate.

  4. When I was running CC’s, I remember that the fundamental positives of CC, unfortunately, were too often perverted. Accepting the basic agreements, as often as not failed to impress – allowing an actual hijacking of a discussion. The longest-running North American CC I’m aware of was in Bowness, Alberta. It ran weekly and due to lack of public awareness and support, induced knock-off coffee talk gatherings, which lost the structure and thus the value.

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