Thoughts on Hosting

Thoughts on Hosting

So what is our most important role as host? It is not to flawlessly facilitate a successful conversation. Rather, it is to hold the space—and be part of the space—of community/safety/love. We are stewards; we are providing a comfortable environment for people to explore deeply enough to find out what they really think and feel about the topic. Part of this safety is that WE are also open—disclosing our own thoughts and feelings. We are part of the process. We honor the folks who come to these conversations; we honor the risk they may be taking in talking with strangers about the often confusing and complex questions of our times. .

Hosting is simple—like breathing is simple. It can be as minimal as showing up, introducing the process and keeping time. Yet the practice of hosting can be very profound. It is a dynamic, honest, humble process of staying present to your own reality while drinking in the reality of everyone else at the table. It contributes to the reweaving of the web of community and builds the critical thinking, social engagement and conviviality that is the best of what human society has always been and the essence of what we intend to be in the future.


  1. On Friday, November 13th we will be launching or first Conversation Cafe’. How do a register it to your website?

  2. Contrary to the idea that “anyone can host,” the best host we ever had facilitate brought humor to the basic task of reminding the group that we agreed to listen AND speak with genuine respect, not to go on and on, and they truly appreciated the talking object.

  3. Hello to all Conversation Cafe enthsiasts!

    I have just recently a few minutes ago wandered upon the CC Website and yes indeed, it all sounds wonderfully inspiring to me. I’m a retired teacher and I therefore found myself at the golf course almost daily for a time, and after too much golf the game was no longer all that special to me. No kidding! Now, I am sincerely looking forward to engaging with others for some higher-order thinking and fun conversations after reading about Conversation Cafe.

    Enjoy the Holidays Everyone!

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